Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

It’s little secret that importing goods from overseas to sell online (& offline) is BIG business!

Why is it so popular you ask?

There are many advantages of importing to Australia, but some of the bigger ones include:

  • Access to a Wide Variety of Products…some not available in Australia.
  • Incredible Prices…as labour costs in most Asian countries are a lot lower than in Australia, they have the ability to produce products far cheaper than anyone could in Australia.
  • Higher Quality Products…each country has it’s strengths & weaknesses, so you may well find you can get access to better quality products by importing.

I remember when I first started selling online…I just couldn’t find the right products to sell at the right price!

The thought of importing crossed my mind quite a few times…after hearing about how cheap you can purchase products from overseas, especially Asia.

For several years though, I just didn’t take any action! …in hindsight now I think what a waste!

…But I was worried about:

  • Having to spend thousands of dollars to buy from overseas…not true.
  • How would I make sure I didn’t get scammed and lose all my money…avoidable with the right steps.
  • How would I get the goods through Customs…have you seen some of the paperwork? It’s almost like it’s written in a foreign language! …easy if you know how.
  • How to organise the goods to be freighted to Australia…& not get lost on the way! …easy if you know how.

…& I know I’m not the only one who’s thought this.

Eventually I plucked up the courage to start contacting a few overseas suppliers & actually found them quite helpful. With their help, & a bit more research of my own, I had my first sample shipment at my door within a few weeks.

The samples sold well, so I imported my next order & next order & next order….I was hooked! They were great products at an incredible price, which was giving me a very handsome profit!

Dealing with an overseas company for the first time can be a nerve wracking experience…but with the right information at your fingertips you can make the process simple & stress free.

You don’t want to do what I did…

I couldn’t find much information on importing to Australia readily available…apart from a 188 page print course provided by a well known Australian educational company. So I paid the hefty $250 price tag to have the course sent out thinking that with their good name it would provide me with all the information I would need.

I was wrong…90% of the information in it was just generic information about starting a business….that gave me less than 20 pages with any information relevant to importing, & most of that was pretty poor quality, so I was almost back to square one.

It didn’t tell me what I really needed to know like:

  • How to Effectively Locate Suppliers.
  • How to Get Through Customs.
  • How to Organise Freight.
  • How to Do Background Checks on Overseas Suppliers.

This is just some of the information you need to know to be able to run your own successful & profitable importing business.

Over the years I’ve had many people ask me about exactly the same issues that I had…that’s why I decided to produce:

Importing Goods Into Australia

Importing to Australia Simplified…Your Step-By-Step Guide to Launching Your Own Profitable Import Business.

Importing to Australia Simplified is a concise 41 page ebook, jam packed full of everything you need to know about importing with no fluff!




In your copy, you’ll discover:

  • Effective market research techniques to make sure you have an eager market waiting for your goods to arrive – Pg 6
  • Online & offline methods to locate quality overseas suppliers of the product you want – Pg 13
  • How to do simple, but comprehensive background checks on potential suppliers to avoid falling victim to a scam – Pg 16
  • What products will slip effortlessly through Customs…& what products won’t – Pg 17
  • How to ensure your goods arrive where you want them, when you want them…not 2 months later! – Pg 20
  • Innovative ways to get the best deal from your freight company – Pg 23
  • What costs you’ll need to budget for to make sure there’s no nasty surprises when your shipment arrives in Australia – Pg 25
  • The only safe payment methods you must use when dealing with your overseas suppliers…if they don’t want to use these methods, then you don’t want to be dealing with them – Pg 27
  • The Customs clearance process…& the easy, headache free way to get through Customs – Pg 31
  • Whether or not having a potentially profitable sole distribution agreement is for you – Pg 33
  • Importing terms & abbreviations to make sure you sound ‘import savvy’ to your overseas suppliers – Pg 35
  • Stacks of valuable, time saving resources for your importing business…market research, locating suppliers, background checks, freight companies, Customs advisors & more – Pg 38

…PLUS you’ll also receive:

  • The Importing to Australia QuickStart Guide…10 Essential Steps to Start Your Importing Business Now, Handy Hints & more!
  • PowerPoint Slides (in PDF) of the Importing to Australia Simplified guide.
  • Lifetime Updates to the Guide!

Importing to Australia Simplified takes the hassle & stress out of importing.

The bottom line is, Importing to Australia Simplified, it’s available to you for less than the cost of a family pizza.

Yep, for the introductory special offer of just $27 you can get your hands on the most complete guide to importing to Australia which will show you how to locate profitable niche markets, where to look to find products at unbelieveably low prices, how to quickly & safely get your goods to Australia and much more!

However this is a special offer that is only for a limited time during the launch phase. Once the launch phase is finished, the price will be going up…so don’t risk missing out on getting your copy at the ridiculous price of just $27!

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Go through all the information contained in the guide & discover tep by step how you can start your own lucrative importing business…but if within your first 60 days you decide you’re not happy with your purchase, just contact us for a full refund.


Yes, I want immediate access to Importing to Australia Simplified & to discover how to start my own profitable importing business now!

I understand that the download details for the guide will be delivered to me via the download page as soon as my payment is processed by our secure online payment system so I’ll be able to start building my new business today.

Click here to get your copy of Importing to Australia Simplified for the special introductory price of just $27.

Importing Goods Into Australia

And no, this isn’t just some marketing ploy to get you to buy, I will be raising the price in the near future, so if you come back in a few days and the price has gone up I’m sorry, but there won’t be anything I’ll be able to do about it.

This is a great deal for anyone who’s serious about starting their own profitable importing business now…make 2012 your most profitable year yet!


Best wishes

RJ Incoll

Rachel Incoll



Please note: Importing to Australia Simplifed is in PDF format which can be viewed on Mac or PC with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software – 99% of computers already have this installed, but if not it can be downloaded for free from the internet.